By: USA Writing Staff


USA Academy will potentially be opening football recruting and and enrollments for January 2020, the week following Christmas according to sources close to their founder, Dustin DeVaughn. Mr. DeVaughn told our source that they are scheduled to announce their new football Head Coach in the next coupld of days and he would be opening the enrollment portal shortly after.  “We are very close to completing a deal with the most sought after high school football coach in the nation. I don’t know how long we can keep in at the high school level but our first contract offer was 5 years. The NCAA has been hot on his heels for the last few years but I think he wants to coach his last two kids until they graduate, after all once you take a position in the NCAA, it will not allow for much time for much family activty”, said Mr. DeVaughn. 

We have visited the grounds where their new facility will be located but the gate was locked, therefor we could not access the property. We do know the facility is 115 acres inside Coosada Town limits based on the county commission meeting from last week.

We are very excited at what the future will hold for USA Academy. Mr. DeVaughn claims they are going after IMG Academy, the famed sports recruiting farm for the biggest NCAA Division 1 programs in Bradenton, Florida. IMG Academy totes a tuition of $79,600 a year plus sports fees; ex: football is an extra $5000 a year plus addiional deposits while attending. Mr. DeVaughn says his tuition program is going to be accessible and affordable for all families to have an equal opportunity to put their student athlete competing on the national stage.

More coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled.