USA Academy Football Update
December 17, 2019
USA Writing Staff

Ultimate Student Athletes Academy is excited to announce the new football program for USA Academy for 2020 and would like to showcase our first renderings for our buildout that will begin sometime in late January 2020.

Above you will see the first angle rendering of our state of the art 8,000 sq ft football facility that overlooks our new 5,000 seat stadium that will be located in Coosada, Alabama. The fieldhouse facility will feature a locker room that will rival Division 1 collegiate programs, a custom workout and training facility, nutrition bar, multiple film rooms, classrooms, student athlete lounge, and offices. The pressbox area will have 4 private access corporate suites, coaches suites, announcers area, and coaches platform on top. Stadium lighting will be red, white, and blue LEDs that will be able to host some really interesting lighting effects.

The 4,000 sq ft building on the far end of the stadium will have the concession area, retail store, ticketing, restrooms, guest locker rooms, and official locker rooms.

“When we are looking at building a facility for any sport, we will spare nothing to ensure that each athlete has the fundamental resources to become successful,” Mr DeVaughn said today when we spoke. “We are going to give kids resources, equipment, and facilities that have never been brought together in central Alabama high school athletics.”

We asked for an update on the coaching announcement and Mr. DeVaughn responded, “We are within days of making an announcement that will cause an earthquake to central Alabama sports.” Whatever that means, we are certainly excited about it. We know from social media that he interviewed several candidates and one of them was claimed to be a, “Top 5 High School Football coach in the country.” So, like everyone else, we will wait and see.

Keep your eyes and ears open because the next couple of weeks look to be exciting.