Academic Excellence

One of the toughest parts of the USA Academy journey thus far has been facing the name “Sports Academy” because, make no mistake about it; our academic programs that we offer are second to none. There have been many athletes in the past that have positioned themselves for success on the field but were unprepared for the collegiate lifestyle in the classroom. At USA Academy, student life always comes first. When a collegiate coach visits with us and our players, they know that the athlete is fully prepared for academics at the next level. We utilize a unique method at USA Academy to ensure that each student has the highest chances of success. We bring together a similar model to what the NCAA’s biggest Universities are offering their student body and add the USA spin to it, that ultimately creates a recipe for student success. Listed below you will see our Student Success Web. We surround each student with a webbed support system and combine that with the latest in educational technology that vastly improves their chances of academic success. This page will give you a brief overview of our steps to success that we utilize for students to have their breakthrough in the classroom.


Optimal Learning Scope™

The cornerstone of our education platform is our Optimal Learning Scope. We understand that every student does not learn the same way, so we have implemented a unique approach in building a step by step plan with the student that will expose their academic strengths and minimize their weaknesses, all while keeping them on track inside of our NCAA Approved curriculum and preparing them for the next level of educational goals.

Student Success Web

Our Student Success Web is something special and we are so blessed to have the availability to such a system. We surround each student with a success web to ensure that they won’t fall. Giving each student access to 10+ leaders to surround them for educational advancement, encouragement, motivation, skill advancements, and athletic success provides levels of support that are unprecedented in the current academic models that surround us. Click Here to See the Web

Blended Learning

Blended learning is the fastest growing segment in the education space. It combines the power of technology that can deliver instant results and feedback to students with traditional institutional instruction. It is hard for students to learn completely online; hard but not impossible. However, we have brought together the best of both worlds that allows students to maximize their online classwork and also having access to classrooms, teachers, and tutors when they are needed.

Our Academic
Excellence Programs

OLS™ Online

OLS™ Online- Instruction occurs via an online platform, with periodic face to face meetings as a group or as an individual. Our staff teachers and tutors are always available during our normal business hours and our virtual teachers are available from 8:00am CST until 8:00pm CST. Up to 6 credits per year: CTE Courses available for additional fees: Dual Enrollment available.
*Edgenuity NCAA Approved Curriculum

OLS™ Flex

Most instruction is delivered online, with one class per semester required to be taken on campus. Our student athletes are required to be flex students. Our staff teachers and tutors are always available during our normal business hours and our virtual teachers are available from 8:00am CST until 8:00pm CST. 4 credits per year online and 2 credits per year on campus.
*Edgenuity NCAA Approved Curriculum

OLS™ Homeschool

All classes are taken online, but we, Ultimate Student Athlete Academy (USA) Academy, become your teacher of record for the homeschool program of your choice that allows your student to be a part of our accredited institution. We have a homeschool cirriculum available also for an addtional fee. Our teachers/tutors, transcripts, and documents are available based on scheduled fees.
*USA available Curriculum Accredited

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